Tea Tree Oil for Hair

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Tea Tree Oil Hair & Scalp Treatment

Using tea tree oil is one of the best treatments people can give for their hair and scalp.

Maintaining a healthy hair or scalp can be an intricate process. You may have tried several hair treatments with no noticeable or significant results.

With the antiseptic capabilities of this oil and many other benefits, one cannot go wrong choosing this wonderful natural product for the best care of hair and scalp.

Hair is Fragile

Hair is susceptible to be greatly damaged by various environmental elements including smoke, dust, exposure to sun, wind and harmful chemicals like color, lighteners, hair products and more.

Hair should be properly washed and conditioned with gentle and harmless products that promote healthy growth and prevent damage, thinning and breakage.

Normal shampoos and conditioners contain harmful and harsh chemicals and their regular use could end up damaging your hair instead of nourishing, invigorating and making it healthier and stronger.

Many shampoos and conditioners are loaded with fillers and polymers or dyes and fragrance to make them more appealing to the consumer.

These fillers, polymers and additives may be harmful and damaging to hair and scalp.

Choosing the Best

It is necessary to choose gentle products that will cleanse the hair without stripping the life out of it, or leaving any unwanted residues.

Benefits of Using Tea Tree Oil on Hair

Treating Dandruff

Itchy scalp as a result of dandruff infestation on your hair and scalp can be quite irritating.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

The Tea Tree shampoos are also effective in dandruff treatment.

Washing your hair thoroughly with Tea Tree shampoo is vital and beneficial.

It clears the clogged pores that in many cases harbor organisms that slow down hair growth and  promote dandruff.

These affordable shampoos can be easily obtained at the retail outlets in your neighborhood.

Make Your Own Tea Tree Shampoo

You can also fortify your own shampoo by adding a few drops of tea tree oil in it and enhance its medicinal properties.

Apply the mixture on your scalp  and gently massage for a few minutes, then make sure to rinse thoroughly.

The time taken to massage the shampoo into the scalp allows this beneficial oil to penetrate and be a much more effective treatment.

Eliminate Lice and Cradle Cap

The oil is also effective in eliminating lice and treating cradle cap in babies.

Massaging the oil on scalp will help get rid of lice.

Dry Scalp

Tea Tree can be applied to moisturize the hair and scalp reducing and eliminating dryness and itching.

Prevent Hair Loss

The oil can be used to reduce and prevent hair loss.

Repetitive and consistent use of shampoos with fillers and harsh chemicals could cause the hair to thin out due to blockage of the pores and lack of nutrients.

This could cause hair loss and breakage.

Promote Hair Growth

Tea Tree Oil contains no harsh chemicals.

It unclogs and nourishes the hair follicles. This gives the hair a good environment to grow and become strong.

Ease of Use

One of the positive traits of the oil is that it is very easy to use. You don't need any expertise to use the oil on your hair.

Simply apply on scalp and massage for a few minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

It does not matter what hair style, texture or length, the oil can be beneficial for all types of hair.

Zero Toxicity

Another desirable feature is the oil’s zero known toxicity to your skin. Tea Tree Oil unlike some other conventional hair treatment options has no known toxic properties.

Recommended by Dermatologist and Hair Dressers

Several dermatologist and hair dressing experts recommend the use of tea tree oil on hair and scalp especially for dandruff management.

Many researches done on dandruff and hair treatment rate Tea Tree Oil at the top, claiming it reduces and eliminates dandruff with low recurrences.

Examine Your Options

As you go on board to give your hair the therapy it deserves you need to weigh your options carefully.

Ask yourself these questions:
These fundamental concerns can only be addressed by the Tea Tree Oil and they confirm the viability of this natural product for your hair treatment.

It helps your hair to grow healthy, naturally and the oil has been used to treat several hair and skin maladies for many years.

Choosing to Use Tea Tree Oil for Your Hair and Scalp Care instead of other products that may contain harmful chemicals will give your hair the best break it needs from damages caused by these products.

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